Front Office

Front office, front desk, front of house, reception, concierge ... whatever you want to call it, for better or for worse, the front desk is the cornerstone of our property. The staff needs to know everything, be ready for anything, be empathetic but make the guest to follow the “rules”, be impeccable, giving smiles and hospitality, be the perfect host and able to collect the criticism, always in a purposeful and intelligent way, when the air conditioning does not work, the maid cleans in an approximate way, the chef cooks bad and the waiter deliver the wrong course! Having a staff that spreads serenity and love for their job, who always knows how to behave, what procedures apply and how to react to a critical situation gives us a 50% advantage in our pursuit of guest satisfaction . It is clear that it is up to us to select the best resources for our property and put our team in a position to be able to work in a calm, professional and "agile" way. The most efficient tools will be provided for the proper management of critical department of our hotel. Amongst the activities:

# Front Office standard implementation, based on the best international ones

# Development and analysis of the Guest Relations / Concierge – Implementation of up–selling processes

# Training and upgrade courses in the administrative / accounting team skills

# Implementation of control techniques for third party and commissionable services

# Check of the efficiency and optimization of the PMS (Property Management System)

# Efficiency control and optimization of the on-line booking system

# Creation of productivity awards for room and services up-selling / cross-selling